The Jackson/West TN CoC is here to help you, thank you for reaching out!  We will do our best to connect you through our Coordinated Entry System to the services that you may qualify for.  When calling this Hotline number you are not calling Tennessee Homeless Solutions.


The information requested will be used to connect you with the appropriate services that you may qualify for.  The security of your personal information is taken very seriously and will be sent to the Jackson/West TN CoC securely through encryption. 

Additionally, the information may or may not be used for:
– to provide or coordinate services
– functions related to payment or reimbursement for services
– carry out administrative functions, including but not limited to legal, audit, personnel, oversight and management functions
– creating de-identified datasets from personal information
– uses and disclosures to avert a serious threat to health or safety
– uses and disclosures about victims of abuse, neglect or domestic violence
– uses and disclosures for research purposes
– uses and disclosures for law enforcement purposes

By submitting your information, you understand and agree to the above.  If you do not feel comfortable requesting assistance in this manner you can contact the West TN Homeless Hotline at 1-866-307-5469 Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.  If at any time that you do not want your information that you submitted used for the above disclosures you can email kvanderburgh.westtncoc@gmail.com and state in writing that you wish to remove your information from our database.  The data collected is your data and can be requested or revoked at any time.