The Avengers

The first order of business for the YAB was to name their Board. Members chose “the Avengers,” because they want to be “The Avengers” for youth homelessness. The Avengers YAB mission statement is: Let our voices be heard to give guidance and support to youth homeless. The YAB vision is: Advocacy, Voice, Equality, Noble, Guidance, Empowerment, Respect, and Support (The Avengers).

The YAB formed in May 2021. The YAB currently has six (6) members. They are actively recruiting their membership to have up to nine (9) members. The last three meetings have had six members in attendance.

The YAB meets bi-monthly. In person meetings are encouraged but a zoom option is provided since youth reside across the 23-county service area.

The YAB has formed a Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The YAB chooses two of their Board Members to become Board Members of the CoC; a Board Member to be a Member of the CoC Steering Committee (to rank and rate projects), and two members for the Project Monitoring/Review Committee.